Choosing The Right Machine

Below you will find some examples of the most popular machines we sell.
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Mini - Mid Sized Excavator

Midi or mid-sized excavators are a good choice for those who work in small spaces but need more reach and power than a mini excavator can provide. Midis can also be used on more standard projects like building construction and landscaping while still providing the advantage of increased maneuverability thanks to their smaller size.

LPG Forklifts

2.5 tonnes with torque converter transmission offer stability and productivity during light to heavy-duty outdoor applications. The low truck noise and vibration, as well as the wide range of cabins contribute to driver comfort. These fast and manoeuvrable models are available with industrial diesel or LPG engines. We also offer IC trucks with cushion tyres for narrow indoor operations.

Standard - Full Sized Excavator

Standard or full-sized excavators, sometimes called “crawler” excavators, make up the largest volume of excavators on the market. The most popular crawlers fall in the 19–24 ton range, and this class is most common in commercial construction.
Standard excavators not only offer more power and reach, but their hydraulic systems make them capable of handling multiple tool attachments.

Diesel Forklifts


1.Strong power system
2.Wide-view mast
3.Unique overhead guard design
4.Low non-slip pedal
5.Adjustable safety seat
6.Solid-state LCD digital meter
7.Eco-friendly design
8.Adjustable steering wheel

Electric Forklift

The 8FB range of compact electric forklifts are equipped with newly developed motors and motor drivers. Besides minimizing energy loss, these new motors and motor drivers also help to minimize heat generation, greatly reducing energy consumption and thus achieving longer operating time.
Through its structure and the layout of motors and controllers, the 8FB series achieve high water resistance, complied with IPX4. This enables 8FB series to be used at a wide range of worksites.

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